Jual Sample Theif(Bacon Bombs) ASTM

Jual Sample Theif(Bacon Bombs)

Detail produk Sample Theif(Bacon Bombs)
Bacon Bombs Sample Thief Brass Plated 16Oz (473ml) – KOEHLER

Certifications/Compliance : ASTM D4057, D6074 or ASTM D1265

Product Type : Petroleum Bacon Bomb Sampler

For Use With (Application) :

Obtains samples from storage tanks, tank cars, oil tanker (ship) and drums
When the thief strikes the bottom of the tank, a plunger assembly opens to admit the sample. The plunger closes again when the bomb is withdrawn, forming a tight seal. Samples can be taken at any depth with the use of a secondary trip line. Equipped with plunger locking cam for tight closure during transport.

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